The fynbos (pronounced fay-in-bos) of the Western Cape is a type of heathland or scrubland only found in this region and is one of the most botanically diverse regions on earth often referred to as ‘ the tiniest floral kingdom in the world’

9000 plant species

Contains 3% of the world plant species and 20% of Africa’s plant species

The highest concentration of plant species at 1300 species per 10,000 Km2

More than 6000 species endemic to South Africa

1700 of the fynbos species are threatened with extinction

The origins of many garden plants such as gladioli, geraniums, aloes, nerines, agapanthus, ixia and freesias

South Africa’s national flower – the King Protea is a fynbos species

Fascinating at all times of year but even more so in August to November (the Cape spring) when many of the species flower.

Fynbos is under constant threat from invasive exotic species such as wattle, acacia and eucalyptus which poison the soil, deny light and generally ‘crowd to death’ the indigenous species.


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