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A dam fine thing

We love the dam in front of the property but it is not difficult to see that at one time it was MUCH bigger. The cause of the reduction in size is clearly apparent by the missing section in the north western retaining wall. We have been informed that this happened many years ago when the rapidly escaping water not only flooded the lower part of the estate but also took out a section of the R 62 road (connecting Montagu to Barrydale) close to our main gate!!!

The previous owners of the estate were happy enough with the water being supplied from the kloofs in the Langeberg mountains behind the property and from the Boontjiesrivier and the numerous boreholes on the property and so did not repair the damaged ‘front’ dam. But in our opinion – in Africa one can never have too much water. So work has begun on clearing and compacting the bed of the dam and repairing the missing wall and then we will be praying for rain to fill it up.

It is estimated that once completed the dam will hold 50 million litres of water – Google confirms that this is equal to TWENTY Olympic sized swimming pools – so in this year of the Olympics when you see them ‘dashing – or rather splashing – for gold’ in Rio you can have some idea as to how much water we are hoping to collect at Galenia.

Naturally Walter is delighted to have this improved and enhanced resource on the estate and is already dreaming of the water fowl and waders it will attract – we suspect that it won’t be long before a bird hide appears on the edge of the dam – perhaps even a webcam – Watch this space!

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