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The new look! – it’s all coming together

We seem to have been ‘under siege’ over the past three and a half months with numerous contractors, builders, painters, masons, plasterers, electricians, landscapers, carpenters, glass specialists, solar technicians and of course dam builders, but at last we are beginning to ‘see the light’ as the contractors come to the end of their jobs and say their farewells.

Our second siege has now started, but this is a more pleasant phase and consists of soft furnishings, décor and a ‘new look’ for the suites and the main Estate House. In general everything is looking much lighter and ‘softer’ using much paler colours and more fabrics, curtains rather than shutters, rugs over bare tiles and of course our newly glass-enclosed stoep is allowing us to create a permanent, all weather, dining venue with a magnificent view.

New faces are also appearing – for the kitchen (as from 1st September we will start to serve dinners), the main house and the gardens – so we are ‘up to our ears’ in hospitality training, menu planning and wine tasting – it’s a tough job but someone has to do it! So far everything is going to plan as our opening date looms nearer and nearer and we are looking forward to welcoming our guests to the new Galenia.

On the estate the olives have all been harvested and pressed or are being processed – we have some excellent premium quality extra virgin olive oils for our guests to try (and buy!) – the olive grove has been pruned and the trees are looking smart with their winter haircut. The dam is slowly filling up but we realise that this is going to take a long time, despite our efforts to divert water from other dams and from the Langeberg mountain kloofs behind us.

Soon it will be time for the photographer to arrive to record all the changes so that the website can be completed and we can reveal the new Galenia to the wider world, but already bookings are coming in from guests who have stayed here previously – we feel that they will be as delighted with the changes as we are.

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