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A walk on the wildside

For those guests who would like to know more about the estate, its history, its ecology, its agriculture and its daily operational challenges they can join our morning ‘estate’ walk. The daily escorted walk starts from the main house at 7.30am and takes about an hour to an hour and a half before arriving back ready to do justice to an ‘estate’ breakfast guaranteed to satisfy even the keenest appetite.

There is no set template for these walks and it is left to the ‘guide of the day’ whether it is Walter, Cade or Patti to decide what is of most interest on that morning. As each guide has their own particular sphere of interest it might be identifying birds and looking for the tracks of the cape leopard with our wildlife and nature specialist Walter, checking the progress of the olive grove and vegetable gardens with our plantsman and estate manager Cade or differentiating between fynbos and renosterbos with our resident ecologist and reservationist Patti. Of course each guide is knowledgeable about the estate, its history and geography, flora and fauna together with its past and current agricultural activities, so can answer questions on most subjects or at least give an opinion.

The walks are very relaxed and suitable for all ages and abilities and have proved to be a good introduction to the walking trails which are set out on the estate allowing our guests to wander (or trek) to the Langeberg kloofs behind us, to the dams and bird hide, up hills and mountainsides, amongst Proteas and Wabooms (better when in flower) and even to visit Rosalie and Cesar who are always appreciative of an apple!

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