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Galenia Extra Virgin Olive Oil receives International recognition

To say that we were delighted to win two gold and one silver awards in The South African Olive Association 2016 competition is an understatement. As this was our first year of producing our estate pressed oil, we were ‘doing it by the book’ literally, as well as calling in favours from friends and colleagues from near and far to give us their best advice. Well it certainly seemed to pay off.

Encouraged by our first year’s success we decided to enter our oil on an international platform by submitting it to the prestigious New York International Olive Oil competition. This is a truly international competition with Extra Virgin olive oils being submitted from most olive oil producing countries around the world. We were quietly confident that our South African produced oil was top quality, but reticent about how it would stand up internationally.

You can imagine our response to discover that we had been awarded a silver medal for our Directors Blend. This is particularly gratifying as this was our own blending of two of the three cultivars produced on the estate (Frantoio and Mission) to our own –now secret – formula! As each of the cultivars produces oil of its own particular ‘personality’ and that appears to change each year depending on weather and growing conditions we decided that the Directors Blend would be our selection as to which of the season’s oils complemented each other. Yes there was a fair amount of discussion – less of this, more of that – is it now too pungent? too bitter? – do we need that? In fact a group of amateur olive oil enthusiasts trying to engage their senses of smell and taste to produce a Galenia Estate oil we could all be proud of.

Well we are certainly proud now!!!

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