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Water, water - everywhere!

Followers of this blog will know that we have been praying for water to fill our new 50 million litre dam in front of the property. Well it seems as though our prayers may be being answered.

In this area of low rainfall – just 250ml per year – we have already had more rain this year to date than in the whole of last year. Our rain gauge is proving very useful in providing this information. Of course it is not the direct rain falling into the dam that causes it to fill but the run off from the Langeberg mountains behind us – this vast expanse of rocks and kloofs act as a huge catchment for the surrounding farms and estates.

In a further attempt to find additional water sources we have been ‘flushing’ the existing bore holes on the property and are very pleasantly surprised to see that they are ‘alive and well’ and so by means of solar pumps we are able to have an additional source for irrigating the olives and also for filling the dam.

Speculation is rife as to how long it will take to fill up the dam – watch this space!

These ‘before and after pictures’ tell their own story. Also for those of you familiar with Geneva – it seems that we have our own ‘Jet d’eau’ here on Galenia Estate – as they were ‘flushing’ the bore holes.

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