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Winter is over and everything is blooming.

At least this week we have had one day with temperatures of 35 degrees!!

It has been a cold winter here in Montagu with night time temperatures down to zero following not one but two ‘cold fronts’ which headed our way. But whilst the days have been sunny it is obvious that the flowering fynbos is not as advanced as it was last year at this time.

We are surrounded by nature and cannot fail to be affected by the seasons, delighting at this time of year with everything waking up and coming into bloom. Here are a few pics of the early bloomers.

We are also pleased to see flower buds appearing on our olive trees – we are hoping for a good crop this coming year following our ‘fallow year’ caused by the reduction in height of the trees to make for easier harvesting – it’s a relief to see our ‘super healthy’ trees getting ready to fruit again.

Our Namaqua Daisies at the main entrance have really done well this year and are a bright and cheerful welcome to our new season’s guests – this pic also shows our ‘discreet’ additions to the kitchen and administration office – we feel that it really blends in well and possibly enhances the main house. No doubt we will be hearing the comments of our returning guests.

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