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One of the advantages of staying on a large estate like Galenia is the ability to walk out of your suite and enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings. This can be anything from a gentle stroll through the olive grove, admiring the one thousand olive trees, to an equally undemanding tour around our main dam. But for those guests who would really like to see more of the estate we have set out a number of nature trails – some longer, some shorter, some easy walking and some a little more demanding. We can provide a map of the trails but really it is not difficult to lose your sense of direction – especially if you stay on the marked trails – bearing in mind that you have the mighty Langeberg mountain range behind the estate and the main R62 to the front of the property and clearly defined fences on both the eastern and western boundaries.

The Waboom Trail follows the boundary behind the property and can be accessed from either the eastern or western side. It has great views over the estate and over the Klein Karoo to the east and Montagu to the west. It has a series of steps to get up the lower slopes of the Langebergs (from the western side) but it is well worth the effort.

The Lost World Trail follows the Boontjiesrivier (Little bean river) up into the Langebergs. It really does feel like you are entering a ‘lost world’ as you walk up through the forested paths until reaching a spectacular look-out.

The Protea Trail heads out to the western boundary fence and is a delight at most times of the year with a number of fynbos species of flowering proteas and leucospermums. Great views, especially looking back over the estate, places for resting and to contemplate the beauties of nature.

The Aloe Trail visits our resident donkey (Cesar) and sheep (Rosalie) who are always appreciative of an apple or a handful of fresh grass. This trail then crosses the Boontjiesrivier (usually dry) and passes behind the main dam joining our main driveway at the helipad cottage.

The Hill Trail, probably one of the most demanding, passes alongside the donkey paddock and then climbs the hill on the western boundary to the very top. This trail has great views of the entire estate and the Klein Karoo to the east and Montagu town and the neighbouring fruit farms to the south and west.

On the Eastern side of the Estate we have a number of trails that divert from the main estate ‘road’ which in itself is a delightful and scenic walk to our eastern boundary fence, passing three dams and enjoying views over the Klein Karoo towards Barrydale.

The Forest Dam Trail leads across a small stream (there is a log bridge) and cuts back to the main drive and can also be extended on to the Horseshoe Trail which heads down to Fish Eagle dam near to the main gate.

The Lily Trail passes between the dams and can either join up to the Forest dam trail or head eastwards above the Waboom dam to join up with the main estate road. As can be ascertained by its name the early part of the trail has good sighting of Arum Lilies (zantedeschia) growing wild in their favourite ‘boggy’ habitat.

On this eastern side of the estate there is also a bird hide located on the second dam (conveniently called Bird Hide dam) – a peaceful place to sit and watch the water birds on the dam and the ever active weavers in the trees around the dam.

Whichever trail (or combination of trails) is chosen guests are sure to enjoy the feeling of being in tune with nature and the beauty of the ‘fynbos’ this unique vegetation of the Western Cape.

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