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We are still waiting – patiently

For those who keep an eye on what is happening in the Western Cape, you will be aware that there is a severe drought throughout most of the province with dire predictions of water running out altogether unless mother nature takes pity on us.

It seems that our efforts to preserve the water we have on the estate are beginning to pay dividends and are enabling us to irrigate our olive grove and gardens without too many problems – so far.

Our main resource will eventually be the 50 million litre dam in front of the property which we ‘rehabilitated and repaired’ way back in July 2016. We knew that it would take a long time to fill up despite our many efforts to divert water from our other sources, but at last we are beginning to see the water level rising and the reeds beginning to grow back.

We reckon that with the wide surface area of the dam, high daytime temperatures and breezy conditions that it is a constant battle between evaporation on the one hand and constantly topping up on the other – but we are determined and patient, knowing that once full this dam will not only be a superb and scenic refuge for a wide variety of water fowl but a great reserve of water for the estate.

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