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Update Saturday 24th February 2018

Words like ‘surreal’ ‘bizarre’ and ‘was it all a dream/nightmare’ spring to mind.

The sun is shining and apart from the fact that we have no electricity and there being a smell of smoke in the air from the main house everything seems very much the same. But on walking out of the main door it is obvious that something pretty drastic has happened where we used to have a jacuzzi lounge on the hillside we have just got ‘scorched earth’ instead. The Chapel is untouched, the managers house, olive store and workshop areas untouched.

On looking to the right where room 1 to 6 used to be we have just walls standing with no roofs and no interiors – even the wooden door and window frames are gone. To the right apart from some scorched flower beds rooms 7 to 10 are untouched. Along the front, our new dam continues to fill, the olive grove was only slightly singed, the grass and flower beds are untouched, even the trees and flower beds in front of the now destroyed rooms 1 to 6 have survived.

We ask ourselves – ‘What happened?’ But it is all hands on deck, we are awaiting the insurance assessors, a power generator etc and of course some poor unsuspecting guests to arrive only to discover that we have had to book them into hotels in Montagu.

Here are a few pics taken this morning.

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