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A glimpse into the future

We are now coming to terms with our unfortunate experience and beginning to think that it could have been a lot worse and we could have suffered the similar fate of some of our neighbours who have lost everything. At least we have our main house and four of our ten rooms, our workshops, olive store and staff accommodation.

Power and water have now been restored and as from Friday we will be able to accommodate guests again in our remaining four rooms. Of course, this will not be enough to satisfy all our bookings, as our ten rooms were mostly fully booked for the month of March. These are difficult circumstances, but we have done our best to re-accommodate our guests in properties nearby.

Looking forwards, we have now had the insurance inspection and are now awaiting a structural survey of rooms 1 to 6 to discover what can remain, if anything. We have also had visits from the architect and building contractors to give us an indication as to how soon we can reconstruct these rooms and are hopeful that we would be able to have them back in service by the time we open after our closed season – on 14th August 2018.

In the meantime, we will continue to operate with just four rooms until we close for the South African winter on 16th May, we appreciate that the estate is looking a little ‘burnt around the edges’ and that the jacuzzi lounge is no more, but the main house and our views to the front, the olive grove and the pool area remain as ever. It is still possible to walk on the nature trails but most of the fynbos and a lot of trees have suffered and will need a good downpour or two to regenerate – so we are not at our best – but we are still here – the sun is shining and peace prevails once more.

A photo of the rooms as they were before the fire.

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