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Up and running again

For two weeks now, we have operating our ‘much reduced’ property, and whilst it seems strange it is nice to have guests staying on the estate again. Thankfully they all seem to be enjoying the Galenia experience, despite our recent traumas. We have even had ‘tears on departure’ and most guests wanting to come back when the construction of our rooms 1 to 6 has been completed.

There are a number of ‘hoops and hurdles’ to jump until we get the go ahead to get the contractors on site, but already we have done a major clean up and have tree felling – fortunately non-indigenous species – in progress.

Everyone tells us that fire is a necessity for the regeneration of the fynbos, which we suppose is a little compensation that some good will come out of this, but at the moment both our neighbours and ourselves are still coming to terms with the aftermath of this catastrophe.

We have had many enquiries from ex-guests about the fate of the ostriches, Cesar the donkey and Rosalie the sheep and are pleased to report that Cesar is fit and well, also the four ostriches but unfortunately Rosalie the sheep died of an infection in January, so we are looking out for another donkey to keep Cesar company.

Here are a few pics taken this week to show some of our happy guests and our regeneration.

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