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Four new additions to the Galenia family

We have kept quiet about our new additions for a few weeks because last time this happened the ‘new additions’ didn’t last long! But now it seems likely that our recent new additions are here to stay.

We are happy to say that our Ostrich family has increased from three to seven with the addition of four chicks. As can be seen in the pic the ostrich chicks grow very quickly. Each chick weighs about 1 kilogram when it hatches and will take about 18 months to reach its adult weight of 140 kilograms.

The parents and aunt do a good job of protecting the chicks however, like most youngsters they are apt to go off on their own and that is where danger lurks as they are still vulnerable to predators.

Ostriches start to breed at two years old and can live to sixty years old – so this could be the beginning of an ostrich dynasty at Galenia.

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