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It does what it says on the tin!

We have noticed, since we got into the Extra Virgin Olive Oil business, that our guests were a little reluctant to pack glass bottles of oil into their suitcases. Arriving home to find all your fine holiday clothes soaked in oil – no matter whether it is Galenia’s finest, is not a pleasant thought. Gone are the days of ‘hand carrying’ liquids on flights but we have come to accept that these rules are necessary if we want to travel.

So, we decided to move away from glass bottles and to go for something more robust that can be packed into a suitcase without fear of leakage or spillage – a sealed 500ml tin. We have always known that the best way to package our Extra Virgin Olive Oil was to exclude light and air – hence our darkened bottles, to ensure that the oil stays as fresh as possible. The tins are even better for this until of course they are opened, because once air gets into the tin the oil will start to deteriorate and the ‘freshness’ of the oil will diminish. We recommend that the oil should be used within four months of opening.

Not many of us realise that the bottle or tin of oil in our store cupboard that is half or quarter full of oil is also half or three quarters full of air. It was only when we became ‘experts’ that we realised that once opened there was a limited time to enjoy our oil at peak freshness.

Our guests have taken to this innovation in packaging with distinct enthusiasm in fact our first consignment of tins sold out, but don’t be alarmed there are more on the way.

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