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And along comes Lena

There once was a happy donkey called Cesar who lived with his ‘jenny’ (lady donkey) called Rosalie in a beautiful paddock on the Galenia Estate. Life was fine, lots of fresh grass, lots of space to play and also lots of nice visitors who came bearing apples. Then unfortunately Rosalie got sick and died leaving Cesar all alone, sad and lonely. To cheer him up and for companionship along came a male sheep to share his paddock – but the new Rosalie was not a donkey, and whilst Cesar was happy to play (and boss around) his woolly friend there was a hint of sadness around him.

Then quite suddenly in January last year the sheep died leaving Cesar all alone yet again!!! A determined effort was made to find him a new ‘mate’ and this time preferably another ‘jenny’.

We were able to locate through EARS Donkey Sanctuary in Greyton a lovely small chocolate brown ‘jenny’ called Lena who also has had a rough deal in life. She had been rescued, together with her partner Boseman, from Villiersdorp where they had been neglected. Unfortunately, it was kinder to help Boseman move to that big donkey paddock in the sky which left Lena on her own and clearly saddened by the loss of her mate.

However, the tale of true love never runs exactly as might be expected. The ladies at the sanctuary (Jo Anne and Penny) who came to asses Cesar as a possible mate for Lena thought that it would be better if he was gelded!!!! Oh! poor Cesar what a situation. We made the decision on his behalf as we feel sure that he might not have volunteered to lose his important little pieces and for a few weeks he was one VERY unhappy donkey. It must have been very perplexing – why are they doing this to me?

But there is a happy ending to this story. On 21st January a very timid and shy chocolate brown Lena stepped out of her ‘horse-box’ into her Galenia paddock to meet her new husband – Cesar. Wow! Cesar was clearly delighted and in seconds the past was all forgotten as the two began to bond together. Now a few weeks later we have two happy donkeys living in a beautiful paddock on the Galenia Estate with lots of fresh grass and space to play, just waiting for nice visitors to come bearing apples.

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