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Harvest Time

We have been waiting for a couple of years now for our olive grove to recover from its severe pruning followed by last years scorching from the fire – everything seems to have been against us – but at last we are happy to say that our olives are doing what they should be doing – bearing fruit!

Olives are a biannual crop in that they tend to fruit every second year – so we have come to expect that if a tree is laden one year it will be sparse the next. Its quite odd to see one tree heavily laden with olives and its neighbour without a single olive. This is also complicated by the fact that we have three different varietals growing in the grove – all fruiting and ripening at different times!

We have just started to harvest the Manzanilla olives – these are the olives for processing whilst they are green and for pressing when they are black. These will be followed by the Missions which are processed and pressed when black and finally we will harvest the Frantoio – our main oil producing olives once they ripen and turn black.

It’s a busy time on the estate with the pickers coming each morning and the press working late into the night – we like to press our olives on the day they are picked – this ensures that we get high quality oil. This is also a very exciting time for us to see the fresh green oil pouring out of the press and sneaking an early taste. The oil needs to settle for a few weeks before we can start the tasting and blending before introducing our new range of 2019 Galenia Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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