• Galenia Estate

Self-sufficiency is our aim

Since buying the estate it has always been our intention to try to produce as much of our food requirements as possible and whilst we have a thriving kitchen garden – mostly producing herbs and salads – we have a more ambitious plan in our bid towards self-sufficiency.

We are calling it our ‘market garden’ - hopefully some of our products will be taken to market once Peggy and Pandile in the kitchen have had first choice!

A paddock has been allocated near to a water source and the ‘hard landscaping’ has begun to be constructed – it will be necessary to protect the garden from wind, direct sun and the various forms of wildlife that live on and visit the estate – namely duikers, porcupines and baboons. We have opted for a number of ‘greenhouses’ or ‘tunnels’ – some to grow vegetables, salads and soft fruits, others for cut flowers and garden plants, and (to be more adventurous) a hydroponic tunnel. There will also be an orchard for fruit trees and beds for root vegetables, shrubs and plants.

It is certainly a ‘work in progress’ being watched over by Arthur and Cade when they have a spare moment – it is olive picking time now so it is all hands on deck for picking, pressing and processing the fruits of our 1000 olive trees.

Hopefully by the time we reopen in August (we close from 16th May until 14th August) our guests will be enjoying the fruits of our labours -not only the new season’s extra virgin Galenia olive oils but also super fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers from the market garden.

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