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Planting for the Future

We have got the ‘bit between our teeth’ and are moving forwards to increase the size of our olive plantation – last year we planted 400 new Coratina trees (with a sprinkling of Frantoio to assist with pollination) in the newly christened Chapel Grove. This year we are in the process of planting 650 more Frantoio trees in the newly created Galenia Grove.

The new trees are aged between 18 months and 2 years so need to get established in their new home before they start to grow and produce olives. It is a time for tender loving care, water, fertiliser, pest control and keeping competing plants (weeds) to a minimum. We were surprised to see some of the Coratina trees bearing fruit this season – perhaps indicating that they are settling in – but there is a long way to go, some formative pruning to establish the shape of the trees and at least another three years of growth before we start to see a good crop.

By introducing the varietal ‘Coratina’ into our ‘mix’ of trees it gives us the opportunity to create new blends of Extra Virgin Olive Oil alongside our Estate Blend (Frantoio/Mission/Manzanilla) and our Directors Blend (Frantoio/Mission) – it may even allow us to consider a single cultivar oil as we sometimes do with our Frantoio.

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