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All our rooms are now the same

For the first time since the property was built all our rooms are now the same style and design, but it has taken a while to achieve this. Originally the property had only six rooms (1 to 6) with yellow pine furniture being the distinctive feature. A few years later another four rooms were added (7 to 10) but this time with a dark mahogany style. With the change from Les Hauts de Montagu to Galenia we decided to update the yellow pine rooms by painting over it with ‘Limestone’ giving a much lighter and brighter and more spacious feel to the rooms.

Our guests loved the new look – but unfortunately all the yellow pine and the ‘limestone’ cover up was destroyed in the bush fire of February 2018. We committed to recreating Rooms 1 to 6 almost exactly as they were, with the addition of a roof over the open shower and some ‘modesty shutters’ ready for the beginning of the new season in August last year.

As we get a lot of repeat guests at Galenia some of them noticed that rooms 7 to 10, which were previously our newest rooms were not the same as rooms 1 to 6 – they were not as light and airy and the outside showers were different. So, we have been busy this closed season with the ‘Limestone’ paint and have put a roof over the outside showers and added modesty shutters and BINGO at last, all our rooms are the same.

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