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Cooking up a storm!

Our cooks Peggy and Phandile are well rested after their holidays and are now ready – as we say in South Africa- to ‘cook up a storm’. It is time for us to open our gates for the new season and we are all looking forward to welcoming our 2019 – 20 season guests with open arms.

It can be hectic in the kitchen, especially in the busy months with an early start to make sure that breakfast is on the go – bread baked, muffins cooked, fruit poached, fresh fruits prepared and artistically arranged, cold meat and cheese platters ready, as well as all the cooked breakfast ingredients ready to be cooked to order. Fortunately, our guests are on holiday so there is no rush to eat and zoom off, in fact breakfast can be a very relaxed start to the day gazing out over the olive grove, the lake and the far-flung mountains of the Klein Karoo.

The kitchen is a little quieter over lunchtime, but we are ready for any hungry guests who would like to have a cold platter in their room or at the poolside and of course we have staff to feed and preparations to be done for dinner.

Our candlelit dinners are a ‘big production’ with starters, soup, main course, dessert and cheeseboard. We may not have the choice of a hotel or a restaurant, with their extensive menus, but our ‘Estate Cuisine’ concentrates on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, simply cooked to maximise the flavour before being pleasingly presented. We also have a vegetarian option – something not always easy to find in South Africa.

Many of our guests like to visit the kitchen to thank our cooks personally, where they find our smiling team only too happy to learn that their talents and expertise has been appreciated.

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